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Expired Identification

Identification Documents
may be expired as
long as the ID has been issued within
the last 5 years, in
other words, an
Issuance Date (ISS) of:
Jul/20/2019 or newer.

Unacceptable Identification

(The State of California has very strict laws regarding
what a Notary may accept as acceptable identification)

  • Paper Printed Temporary Identifications / Permits / Licenses
  • Photo Copied Identifications / Permits / Licenses

Acceptable Identification

  • California Identification / Drivers license
  • U.S. Passport / U.S. Passport Card
  • Inmate Identification / Inmate Bracelet
  • Two Credible Witnesses

Acceptable Identification**

** The following must contain a Serial Number,
and Photo, and Signature, and Physical Description:

  • Out of State Identification / Drivers license
  • Foreign Passport / Consulate Card
  • Military Identification Card
  • California State Employee Identification Card
  • Tribal Identification
  • Canadian & Mexican Drivers License Only (ID Cards Not Accepted)

Flat Fee Travel Notary Services

Call or Text for Service:

(760) 385-3662

Each flat fee includes the following:
  1. The complete cost of travel
  2. The cost of 1 notarized signature
  3. (If you need additional notarized signatures, add +$15 per each added notarized signature)
  4. 15 minutes of wait time if you happen to be late for your appointment
  5. Please keep scrolling past the following article in order to see a full price list.

Call or Text for Service:

(760) 385-3662

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Open: 8am to 4pm Daily

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