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Expired Identification

Identification Documents
may be expired as
long as the ID has been issued within
the last 5 years, in
other words, an
Issuance Date (ISS) of:
Jul/20/2019 or newer.

Unacceptable Identification

(The State of California has very strict laws regarding
what a Notary may accept as acceptable identification)

  • Paper Printed Temporary Identifications / Permits / Licenses
  • Photo Copied Identifications / Permits / Licenses

Acceptable Identification

  • California Identification / Drivers license
  • U.S. Passport / U.S. Passport Card
  • Inmate Identification / Inmate Bracelet
  • Two Credible Witnesses

Acceptable Identification**

** The following must contain a Serial Number,
and Photo, and Signature, and Physical Description:

  • Out of State Identification / Drivers license
  • Foreign Passport / Consulate Card
  • Military Identification Card
  • California State Employee Identification Card
  • Tribal Identification
  • Canadian & Mexican Drivers License Only (ID Cards Not Accepted)
Flat Fee: $55.00

What comes with this flat fee?

  • The complete cost of travel for all of Torrey Hills, San Diego, California
  • The cost of 1 signature notarization, and...
  • $15.00 per each additional notarization
  • $45.00 per each provided witness (if your documents require witnesses, you have a choice to provide your own witnesses, or you can pay me to provide witnesses for you)
  • 15 minutes of wait time if you are late for your appointment is included. You will be charged $1.00 per minute if you are late past 15 minutes.

Open: 8am to 4pm Daily

Call or Text for service: (760) 385-3662

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